ryan ireland webI was born and raised in Ohio and currently live in the village of Alpha with my wife and three children. Despite my love for travel, I’ve stayed close to home. I studied English at Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio, for both my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. I recently earned my PhD in English from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio.

I enjoy running, hiking, and cycling in my spare time. I probably spend more time training for marathons than I spend writing these days. (Or, maybe running is part of the writing process—I don’t know.) Of course my favorite places to visit are in the West. I started visiting the West as a child on family vacations. Childhood was the right time for a boy from Ohio to see things like Arches National Park, the Rocky Mountains, Grand Canyon, Saguaro, and the cliff dwellings of Mesa Verde. For me, these were places right out of someone else’s imagination and a far cry from the housing plats where I grew up. I’ve enjoyed revisiting these places as I’ve gotten older—rediscovering them.

I have two books—Beyond the Horizon (2015) and Ghosts of the Desert (2016). While both of them are set in the American West, they are very different stories. You can read excerpts for both of them under the “Books” tab.


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