Kids’ Book Bank

File_001Cleveland’s extensive network of Little Free Libraries is largely due to the efforts of the Kids’ Book Bank—a donation center for children’s book. The center sorts and distributes the books through partnering agencies, schools, and of course Little Free Libraries. The philosophy is simple: owning and reading books is essential to a child’s success and well-being. The Kids’ Book Bank ensures that books can get into kids’ hands. Little Free Libraries are crucial to accomplishing this goal because they can so easily be added into a community.

One of the reasons I wanted to bicycle my way from one Little Free Library to the next is to show how accessible they are. The Kid’s Book Bank uses the Little Free Library system to make sure books are within reach of children who need reading materials. Although the Book Bank itself is not a Little Free Library, I am planning to stop by when I visit on Wednesday. My book distributor, PGW, has donated some children’s books and I am thrilled to donate them to the good folks at the Book Bank.

To learn more about the Book Bank, or to donate and/or volunteer, click here.